I’m Badly Missing You

I don’t even know where to start
My focus are breaking apart
No one comes to my mind
But you, who I can no longer find

Wishing for the impossible
Wanting more than a miracle
The return of my only confidant
Right now is what I badly want

The shoulder I would cry on
The ears I hold no secret upon
The voice that sooth my fall
With advices that will never pall

Even if I cry out a river
We still can’t see each other
I should stop wishing of what is untrue
But I can’t┬ábecause Mom I’m badly missing you.

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Have You Ever?

Have you ever feel so wrong?
Believing you are at where you belong,
Just to learn you don’t deserve to be there,
But you try not to give it a care,
Hoping that things will change,
When it actually gather more of your rage.

Have you ever swallow your anger?
Knowing one deserves better,
So you fake a smile,
Hoping the happiness will last a long while,
It didn’t happen,
Leaving you drowned in tears of disappointment.

Have you ever hide your tears?
Shut the pain your heart cries,
Hoping that no one will ever hear,
The reason of those watery eyes.

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Until When?

Title and theme adapted from Princess Maria‘s Until When?

I’ve been living in vain,
Too long clinging to this pain,
What actually did I do?
To be torture by you?

Why did my once guardian,
Who placed me in earthy heaven,
Has chose to abandon me,
Leaving me in misery?

How blind could you be?
Not being able to read me.
You prefer to rely on your eyes,
And forsaken what my heart cries.

I see you laughing happily,
Knowing every burden belongs to me,
Until when will this scenario be?
Will you stop when you lose me?

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