Do It Slowly

Close your eyes and put her closer
Down to the wrist and let her go deeper
You’ll feel the pleasure within
As her teeth goes beneath your skin.

Now that you are here
It’s too late to submit to fear
The fluid will soon starts to flow
Satisfying the feeling you’ve been wanting to know.

Is that tears I see?
Are you projecting regrets to me?
Wishing that you didn’t do this?
Forget those, just embrace the bliss.

Final last drops
Bid your farewell slowly
Once it stopped
They’ll be happy for eternity.

A Skeptic

Running in circles
Seeking for confidant
Words of humble
Reject them, none that he can’t

Invited some of the few
Into his wicked little world
As he believed they’ve seen through
The cause of his struggle

It’s not their promises
That granted them the permission
But movements of their bodies
Judging from their actions

A skeptic, he may be
He was taught by history
Tongue to tell lies
Also can done through one’s eyes.

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Oh Serenity

Oh serenity,
Where are you now?
Why are you forsaking me?
To agony I have to bow.

Falling deeper into this abyss
To be facing with misery
Who will snatch last bits of my bliss
Finally to murder the tranquility.

Please give me a second chance
I promise not to flirt with danger
I will not even give it a glance
For you are my strongest desire.

We will then seek for joy
Live only to heavenly moments
Let torment to be destroyed
The presence of pain will forever be absent.

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