I’m Badly Missing You

I don’t even know where to start
My focus are breaking apart
No one comes to my mind
But you, who I can no longer find

Wishing for the impossible
Wanting more than a miracle
The return of my only confidant
Right now is what I badly want

The shoulder I would cry on
The ears I hold no secret upon
The voice that sooth my fall
With advices that will never pall

Even if I cry out a river
We still can’t see each other
I should stop wishing of what is untrue
But I can’t┬ábecause Mom I’m badly missing you.

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Wish You Were Here

Do you remember
How things used to be?
How you were my protector
When everyone was against me?

Every decisions that I made
You rarely bind them with doubts
When it turned into mistakes
You reminded me, “failure, is not what it’s about”.

My perfect guardian Angel
Who willingly sacrificed her world
So her children will never be
Living their life in misery

How I wish you were here
I miss your comforting hugs
And those sarcasms I love to hear
You know those are my greatest drugs.

It’s hard not to shed a tear
Each time I’m thinking about you
I wish you were here
Life would be much easier to go through.

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