App Review: GetRIL

One of the biggest advantages of rooting your Android device is to be enable to override your baseband. This allows you to choose which baseband provide you with the best connection and coverage.

However in flashing baseband you have to ensure that the phone is using the RIL (Radio Interface Layer) that matches your baseband. GetRIL is the tool to make this task easier.   As the application’s description suggested

GetRIL shows the device’s current RIL (Radio Interface Layer) and baseband, notifying you if they match or not. If not – and you’re on a rooted device – you’ll be able to download and install a new matching RIL.

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App Review: SwitchMe

Ever wish that your phone have multiple profiles just like your desktop? SwitchMe is the best tool for that. As the description says,

SwitchMe is a unique application for root users that allows you to log in and out of multiple installations of Android just as you would on a desktop computer.

By default you are allow to create two different profiles. By purchasing the key you will be able to create more and enable the password feature. Here I will be talking about the free release.

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Expensify: The Quick Guide

I once wrote a review about Expensify, which to me is the simplest financial management tool around. Unfortunately I have several friends who find it complicated to use.

Here I will provide a quick guide on how you can save your expenses and review your financial performance with Expensify.

Assuming that you already have an account. We will begin with managing your preference.

Expensify preference
Managing Expensify preference

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