Import Garmin Calendar Into Google Calendar

Garmin Connect Calendar is a pretty neat feature where it allows you to plan your workouts days, weeks, or months ahead. However it does not come with a good sharing feature as you will have to download the calendar in order to share it with others.

This is where Google Calendar comes handy.

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Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

It seems that people around me are still having obsession about having the ideal weight. For example someone with the height of 175cm will try to achieve the weight of 73kg. This is because he will achieve a BMI of 23.8 which is consider as normal. However many are still unaware that there several factors which contributes to their body weight.

Being Heavy Does Not Mean You’re Fat

Body weights are contributed by several factors such as fats, muscles, and water in your body. Image below describes how two person who has the same body weight but different body figure.

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