A Skeptic

Running in circles
Seeking for confidant
Words of humble
Reject them, none that he can’t

Invited some of the few
Into his wicked little world
As he believed they’ve seen through
The cause of his struggle

It’s not their promises
That granted them the permission
But movements of their bodies
Judging from their actions

A skeptic, he may be
He was taught by history
Tongue to tell lies
Also can done through one’s eyes.

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I Learnt It From You

How could you?
Promising me something,
You’re not going to do,
Must you be lying,
To get me listen to you?

Why must you,
Took my moment of joy?
Is it something you love to do?
Seeing my excitement being destroyed?

When you tell me those,
I quickly attend to you,
Letting my moment goes,
Believing what you saying is true.

Knowing it was a lie,
Rebelling, I will not try,
Because whatever I may do,
The final winner will still be you.

I decided to learn it from you,
To do what you always do,
Following your modus operandi,
To get you listening to me,
Dad & mum, don’t be angry,
Because it was you, who taught me.

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