Apology To My Unborn Child

Sorry dear unborn child
For your father is too wild
Not being a good role model
Heck, I’ll probably be seeing you through the gate of hell

Apology if you are expecting a pious father
As you will be dealing with a disaster
If you are expecting a wealthy life
I’m sorry as you will always have to strive

But I promise to provide you protection
From any hazardous moment
Turn to me without hesitation
I will be your safest haven

Please accept my apology
But don’t let those be
The reason for you to hate me
I promise to be your greatest serenity.

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I Learnt It From You

How could you?
Promising me something,
You’re not going to do,
Must you be lying,
To get me listen to you?

Why must you,
Took my moment of joy?
Is it something you love to do?
Seeing my excitement being destroyed?

When you tell me those,
I quickly attend to you,
Letting my moment goes,
Believing what you saying is true.

Knowing it was a lie,
Rebelling, I will not try,
Because whatever I may do,
The final winner will still be you.

I decided to learn it from you,
To do what you always do,
Following your modus operandi,
To get you listening to me,
Dad & mum, don’t be angry,
Because it was you, who taught me.

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