I have been promising this poem to a very close friend of mine, Noraisah Mastura.

How long have I known you?
Has it been over 8 years?
So many things I’ve been through
While knowing that you’re always here.

Listening to me complaining
About every possible thing
Keeping nothing as a secret
There’s nothing you haven’t heard.

Never you breath a sigh
To disregard me
You never give it a try
At times make me feel immortality

Believing on the impossible
Have faith but not in miracles
Knowing dreams do come true
When I know there is you

Sya, you are a perfect friend
The one I’ll keep till the end
Will never want to lose you
Allowing me to return these favors back to you.

20th February 2010, 04:11

Author: Rashidi Zin

I write code and run on the road.