Miss Sunflower

Another piece written for a close friend of mine, Siam Aouchi

Talks about insanity,
Let me introduce you this lady,
Who I know less than a year,
But it feels like forever.

Casablanca is where she’s from,
Loves to party from night till dawn,
Prefer being simple yet stunning,
Hard to stop once started talking.

But above all those,
There is something you must know,
Shoved away her craziness,
She is among the nicest.

A good companion,
Especially in time of need,
As you will never be abandon,
With advices she will feed.

Sunshine, as some calls her,
She loves to bring sounds of laughter,
Sunflower as her favourite flower,
Similar, she often out-shined those around her.

To know her is a pleasure,
Being a close friend is even better,
Siam Aouchi, Miss Sunflower,
I hope you’ll stay like this, forever.

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I have been promising this poem to a very close friend of mine, Noraisah Mastura.

How long have I known you?
Has it been over 8 years?
So many things I’ve been through
While knowing that you’re always here.

Listening to me complaining
About every possible thing
Keeping nothing as a secret
There’s nothing you haven’t heard.

Never you breath a sigh
To disregard me
You never give it a try
At times make me feel immortality

Believing on the impossible
Have faith but not in miracles
Knowing dreams do come true
When I know there is you

Sya, you are a perfect friend
The one I’ll keep till the end
Will never want to lose you
Allowing me to return these favors back to you.

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