Colorless Rainbow

Title was suggested by Iwani Khalid.

I had my faith in you
To bring something I never knew
To experience something special
To have a taste of a miracle

Hoping you are that rainbow
That could make me smile
Even I know
It won’t last for a long while

10 minutes is what I need
Long enough for you to feed
Me with joyful moments
Placing us in solitary heaven

But I never knew
I’ll be experiencing a déjà vu
Causing pain to this soul
Which was never the desired goal

Colorless rainbow, this is my final call to you
Start doing what you should do
I have sacrificed too much for you
Happiness is all I’m lusting from you.

14th February 2010, 01:47

Author: Rashidi Zin

I write code and run on the road.