What would you do
When you don’t know what to say
Decided to make it through
Struggling to find the way

The desire is strong
But actions made are often wrong
So you claim life is unfair
For leaving you at nowhere

You never want to loose
Of what places you closest to heaven
But you often have it abused
By your sin that’s hard to be forgiven

Assumptions and expectations
Leads your directions
Being blinded while making judgements
Pulling you away from your haven.

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Have You Ever?

Have you ever feel so wrong?
Believing you are at where you belong,
Just to learn you don’t deserve to be there,
But you try not to give it a care,
Hoping that things will change,
When it actually gather more of your rage.

Have you ever swallow your anger?
Knowing one deserves better,
So you fake a smile,
Hoping the happiness will last a long while,
It didn’t happen,
Leaving you drowned in tears of disappointment.

Have you ever hide your tears?
Shut the pain your heart cries,
Hoping that no one will ever hear,
The reason of those watery eyes.

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