What would you do
When you don’t know what to say
Decided to make it through
Struggling to find the way

The desire is strong
But actions made are often wrong
So you claim life is unfair
For leaving you at nowhere

You never want to loose
Of what places you closest to heaven
But you often have it abused
By your sin that’s hard to be forgiven

Assumptions and expectations
Leads your directions
Being blinded while making judgements
Pulling you away from your haven.

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What Must I Do?

Trapped in quandary,
Wandering inside of me,
Lost in deep thoughts,
Putting every pieces that I got,
Hoping to find some direction,
But none seems to be mentioned.

Why is this happening?
Why can’t it be the way I’ve been dreaming?

What must I do?
Which path should I take?
If I decide to go through,
Will my spirit start to break?
Or will I re-gain what I seek?
My strongest strength that makes me weak.

Where are those signs?
That I’ve been trying to find,
Or was I so blind?
Not noticing when the light was being shined.

To retract or to pursue,
Oh my, what must I do?

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