And So You Have Arrived

I have been waiting for you
Why must you arrive silently?
All those moments I lived through
Never you let your eyes off me.

I appreciate your arrival
To lead me away from this world
If you can make it less painful
That would certainly be wonderful.

Wait, what am I thinking?
I don’t have that privilege
Oh well, I still get what I’ve been hoping
To die at a young age.

Do it quick
While we are alone
I don’t want to being seen weak
Losing the most precious thing I used to own.

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Let's Do This Partner

Where are you?
Come out from your hiding,
There’s a job to do,
There’s a peace you need to bring.

Those candy are no good,
Didn’t do what they should,
Those drinks are just too weak,
Unable to bring ecstasy to this geek.

You as my final option,
Give me the joy I’ve been longing,
To present me with fabrication,
Is not something you would be doing.

Let’s do this partner,
I want you to take me far,
As I’m pulling your trigger,
You’ll become tonight’s superstar.

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Final Goodbye

The moment of eternity
is soon to arrive,
As the Angels will bring me
to where forever I shall stay alive.

An Angel of sin,
A bad start to begin,
Describing this twisted-mind mortal,
Who soon to be apart from this world.

Never be a tranquilizer,
But rather a point of disaster,
A novice in bringing tranquillity,
An expert in providing misery.

There’ll no longer be me,
No more dealing with insanity,
Find that peace you always desire,
Make it as your life attire.

Shed your tears,
Smile is what you should apply,
As I’m fading from here,
Bidding my final goodbye.

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