Take It Back, Please

Let this be my final piece,
Be that one ability I will miss,
As I could no longer continue,
Such burden for me to pursue.

A talent turned into curse,
What lies inside I’ve let them burst,
Manipulating words to convey my feelings,
Feels the pleasure in writing.

Then it no longer feels the same,
The love getting less in this game,
Once a good friend,
Now is becoming a foe,
The joy is finally reaching its end,
Curtain is closing down for the final show.

Words, words, words,
Whatever I speak is now absurd,
Instead of getting a job well done,
I’ve ended up pissing off someone.

Lord Almighty,
I’m thanking You for blessing me,
With this unique ability,
But it’s time You take it back from me,
As I no longer make good use of it,
I keep putting others in misery,
It has become a disease not a gift,
Let it no longer be a part of me.

07th February 2009, 01:43

Author: Rashidi Zin

I write code and run on the road.