Infinity, It Will Always Be

What I’m scared the most,
Has finally happened,
Something I did not chose,
Being kicked out of heaven.

I’m happy to know,
Your life won’t lost its meaning,
What I’m hoping thou,
Happiness, is what the next person will bring,

Treat you like a Princess,
Who you always meant to be,
Protect you as a gem that’s priceless,
And will not let you fall into misery.

As I have been a failure,
Hopefully I’m the only one,
In the future there is no other,
Who will love you without joy and fun.

Someone who will excite you,
Every moment of each day,
Treat you the way you want to,
Who will always know what to say.

As painful as it is for me,
I could not change one’s destiny,
How much love for you left inside of me?
As I have always told you, infinity.

I might be meeting someone new,
But they could never be compare to you,
Sorry Princess, but I have to tell you,
The best thing ever happened to me is you.

31st December 2008, 00:53

Author: Rashidi Zin

I write code and run on the road.