Ragam Manusia Dari Dua Paksi

Lama sudah aku memerhati
Ragam manusia dari dua paksi
Sama zahirnya berbeza hatinya
Rajin berkongsi, hebat berbicara

Usah di sanggah apa yang di sampaikan
Benar belaka kata yang di perdengarkan
Menjadi seteru buat yang bertanya
Dan akrab buat yang menerima

Biarpun cerita di beri tiada bukti
Tetap di terima sepenuh hati
Cuma satu pihak layak bersuara
Kata lawan hanyalah dusta

Ibarat katak di bawah tempurung
Akal mereka sudah lama terkurung
Lebih baik aku diam dan memerhati
Ragam manusia dari dua paksi

App Review: GetRIL

One of the biggest advantages of rooting your Android device is to be enable to override your baseband. This allows you to choose which baseband provide you with the best connection and coverage.

However in flashing baseband you have to ensure that the phone is using the RIL (Radio Interface Layer) that matches your baseband. GetRIL is the tool to make this task easier.   As the application’s description suggested

GetRIL shows the device’s current RIL (Radio Interface Layer) and baseband, notifying you if they match or not. If not – and you’re on a rooted device – you’ll be able to download and install a new matching RIL.

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Do It Slowly

Close your eyes and put her closer
Down to the wrist and let her go deeper
You’ll feel the pleasure within
As her teeth goes beneath your skin.

Now that you are here
It’s too late to submit to fear
The fluid will soon starts to flow
Satisfying the feeling you’ve been wanting to know.

Is that tears I see?
Are you projecting regrets to me?
Wishing that you didn’t do this?
Forget those, just embrace the bliss.

Final last drops
Bid your farewell slowly
Once it stopped
They’ll be happy for eternity.