App Review: GetRIL

One of the biggest advantages of rooting your Android device is to be enable to override your baseband. This allows you to choose which baseband provide you with the best connection and coverage.

However in flashing baseband you have to ensure that the phone is using the RIL (Radio Interface Layer) that matches your baseband. GetRIL is the tool to make this task easier.   As the application’s description suggested

GetRIL shows the device’s current RIL (Radio Interface Layer) and baseband, notifying you if they match or not. If not – and you’re on a rooted device – you’ll be able to download and install a new matching RIL.

Unmatched RIL

Once you have flash your phone with a new baseband it is best to ensure that you have the matched RIL. GetRIL will identify if your RIL matches your baseband. In the following example the phone is using baseband SC04DOMLE3 with an unmatched RIL.

Unmatched RIL

As you can see from the image the current RIL is for M420KLRB1. Although it might not be so obvious in some cases. Unmatched RIL may affect the performance of your phone coverage.

Getting The Right RIL

By choosing the right RIL from the list and click on Download & install RIL you will be able to get the right RIL for the current baseband.

Getting the right RIL

Once completed your phone should be using the right RIL for the baseband. There is no rebooting required.

The right RIL

CyanogenMod ROM Users

CyanogenMod (CM) ROM users are able to keep the current RIL even after flashing to a new ROM. This will save the hassle of re-flashing the matching RIL.

Application Information

Links: Free version and Premium version.
Root: Required.
SuperUser: Required.

Before installing make sure that your phone is supported

Author: Rashidi Zin

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