App Review: SwitchMe

Ever wish that your phone have multiple profiles just like your desktop? SwitchMe is the best tool for that. As the description says,

SwitchMe is a unique application for root users that allows you to log in and out of multiple installations of Android just as you would on a desktop computer.

By default you are allow to create two different profiles. By purchasing the key you will be able to create more and enable the password feature. Here I will be talking about the free release.

Creating New Profile

Creating new profile
Creating new profile - Entertainment

Currently I have created one profile, General which consists of applications that I generally use; Expensify, CPUSpy, etc. But now I would like to create another profile which stores entertainment related applications such as games.

Just like on desktop different profiles will consists of different applications being installed from Market. Below is list of applications currently installed in the profile General.

Applications on General
Applications installed in General profile.

Switching To Entertainment

Switching to Entertainment
Switching to Entertainment profile.

There are two ways of switching to another profile. Image above shows that you are switching by doing a long press to selected profile and select Activate.

Once selected, your phone will be restarted and switch to the selected profile.

Managing Entertainment Profile

New profile
Setup Entertainment profile

As this is a new profile, you will need to setting up configurations such as time and date, Google account, and wireless information.

Once done I will be downloading application that suits the purpose, entertainment.

angry bird
Downloading Angry Bird

Once Angry Bird has been downloaded. It will appear in the application list. However applications that were downloaded on General profile will not be available in the list.

Entertainment list
Entertainment 's application list.

As you can see only Angry Bird is the application downloaded from Market. While other applications that are available on General profile such as Expensify and CPUSpy are not available.

Switching To General Profile

switch to general
Switching to General profile.

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways of switching to other profiles. Another is to press on the profile and you will see information regarding that profile.

Press on Switch in order to activate the selected profile. Once clicked the phone will be rebooting into General profile.

More usage of SwitchMe is available at their Xda-developers’ entry.

Application Information

Price: Free (purchase SwitchMe Key to enable full features).
Links: Android Market and xda-developers.
Root: Required

Author: Rashidi Zin

I write code and run on the road.