Those Words

For a sweet talker
He failed to speak
As he stands before her
His tongue gets weak

With his words are all ready
He can’t express them out
“She always got the best of me”
His never ending thought.

Rarely they get to meet
But when it happened
The ground will be detached from his feet
As he’s in his heavenly moment

Her smile, her laughter
How he wish he can keep them forever
Without those words reached the girl
He admit it’s impossible

Tonight there’ll be another date
He’s prepared with things to say
Hoping he’ll get the desired fate
Smooth ride all the way

As they meet vis-à-vis
He knows what he needs to do
To retrieve the eternal peace
He begins it with, “something I’ve been wanting to tell you”.

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How Long?

How long can I be pretending
Saying things that means nothing
How long will I be running
After what I believe has been missing.

How long will this smile last
For me to retain your trust
That I have bits of happiness in me
For it is mine, this misery.

How long will it be
Before I finally agree
To introduce you to my world
Where things are not so fantastical.

How long will you stay
After seeing the truth in me
Will you immediately run away?
Tell me, how long will it be?

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