One Phrase

She’s the sweetest drug
The forbidden fruit I wish to pluck
Just to place her in my arms
To shield her from any harms

Yet there was never enough courage
To drive this desire
Thou this heart gave a strong rage
It burns like a baby fire

Let me risk it in one toss
One phrase, a massive gain or a huge lost
Expect it not to be “I love you”
For between us that is not something new

“I adore you”
Will make her my idol
But “I’m deeply in love with you”
Is what will make her my world.

First line is quoted from Ne-Yo’s Because of You.

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One Of A Kind

Well, should I start a new chapter
Or continue from the previous?
Not that it matters
Given words will not be dubious

Short line of rhymes
Insufficient to capture her heart
A non-typical type of her time
Unorthodox and outspoken are few more parts
Little of sarcastic in her, you can find
Illegible at times but certainly owns a kind heart
Now tell me, is she one of a kind?

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