App Review: CPU Spy

A simple app to display the time the CPU spends in each frequency state

Just like what the description says, CPU Spy helps you to identify which frequency state is being best for your phone. It certainly helps in overclocking your phone to improve its performance and battery life.

Default settings
Default frequency settings

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App Review: Swype

Swype probably need no introduction for Samsung Android phone users. However for those who are not it is one of the most convenient Android keyboard available out there.

The following video shows how Swype works:

Swype comes with features such as:

  • Auto correct
  • Automatic space
  • Auto capitalization
  • Supporting other languages than English. Languages such as Spanish, French, Italy and Portuguese.

Swype currently is still in beta and not available at the Market. However you can get it at its website for free. All you have to do is to sign up and wait for your request to be approved.

Wait no more, apply for the beta version now. Stop typing and start swyping!