App Review: Optimize ToolBox

Optimize Tool Box is a Swiss Army Knife for your mobile phone.

As the description sounds Optimize ToolBox provide everything you need in order to enhance your phone performance. Available functionality such as:

  • Cache Clean
  • Startup Manager
  • System Scan

Cache Clean

Cache Clean

For those who are familiar with rooting and flashing process, should be aware about cache. Without this tool you might have to use the recovery mode in order to clear your cache. This tool provide the same functionality.

It will scan through your phone and list down available cache. By clearing these cache your phone will run smoother.

Startup Manager

For those who has too many applications installed on their phone, ever notice that it takes so long for your phone to start up? This is due to too many applications needed to be run at start up. Some of those may not be essential.

Optimize ToolBox’s Startup Manager allows you to select which applications you want to run upon starting up and exclude those that are unnecessary. This will benefit your phone as it helps to save the memory, power and speed up the running speed.

System Scan

System Scan

As the name suggested. This functionality provides your information such as:

  • CPU usage
  • RAM usage
  • ROM usage
  • SD usage
  • Signal strength
  • Battery status

On top of all those it also helps you to optimize your phone. You can select which portion you would like to optimize. Available portions are:

  • Installed apps
  • Running apps
  • Auto startup apps
  • Cache

By optimizing your phone, it will bring your phone to its best state.

You may check rest of the application’s functionality at their Market page. Download Optimize Toolbox now and give your phone the performance it deserves!


Permission Required


System Requirement
Android 1.6 and later.

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Author: Rashidi Zin

I write code and run on the road.