App Review: WifiKill

Ever experienced a situation where someone is hogging to the same network you are on? WifiKill is the solution. As the motto says

Disable internet for network hoggers.

WifiKill allows you to disabled internet connection for users without them knowing. Their machines will still be connected but they will not be able to perform any internet related actions.

Discovering Connected Devices

Discovering connected machines
Discovering connected machines

Once you have enabled the application it will start scanning for devices that are connected to the network. Once done you will be able to choose which connection to terminate.

Listing Connected Devices

Connected Devices
Listing Connected Devices

Once the application done scanning. You will see list of devices that are connected to the network. Click on which device you would like to be disconnected from the network.

Disconnecting Device

Disconnecting Selected Device

As you can see from the image above. Once a device being selected the connection to it is gone (on: 4 off: 1). To allow the device to be able to use internet connection again, just un-tick the selected device and it will be connected to the internet again.

Application Information

Price: Free
Link: X-da Forum
Root: Required
SuperUser: Required

With WifiKills you no longer have to be worried about network hoggers. They will be disconnected without even knowing!

Author: Rashidi Zin

I write code and run on the road.

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