App Review: AirDroid (With Guide To Make It Work With Browser)

I have recently purchased a Galaxy Nexus which preloaded with Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Unfortunately for me ICS is using Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) rather than mounting as USB drive. This has given me hard time as I’m using Kubuntu which does not have good support for MTP for the time being. Although Amarok is able to detect MTP devices but it failed to transfer files from my laptop to my phone.

Google has led me to Muktware which introduced me to AirDroid.

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App Review: WifiKill

Ever experienced a situation where someone is hogging to the same network you are on? WifiKill is the solution. As the motto says

Disable internet for network hoggers.

WifiKill allows you to disabled internet connection for users without them knowing. Their machines will still be connected but they will not be able to perform any internet related actions.

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