Oh Serenity

Oh serenity,
Where are you now?
Why are you forsaking me?
To agony I have to bow.

Falling deeper into this abyss
To be facing with misery
Who will snatch last bits of my bliss
Finally to murder the tranquility.

Please give me a second chance
I promise not to flirt with danger
I will not even give it a glance
For you are my strongest desire.

We will then seek for joy
Live only to heavenly moments
Let torment to be destroyed
The presence of pain will forever be absent.

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Have You Forgotten?

Have you forgotten
That I’m always around?
I am your secret haven
When lost, I’m there to be found

Painful tears
I’ll wipe them away
Till your smile re-appear
I’m here forever to stay

Keep your faith in me
To pull you away from agony
Bringing back your tranquility
Return you into serenity

Omnipresent kind of happiness
Is the state you should be
For that sweetest smile is priceless
Only with you it’s deserve to be

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