That Smile

That smile is the best thing
A pair of eyes can lay upon
For joy is what it brings
As how the sun shines through dawn

That smile captivates every souls
Completes those missing parts
Fills any empty holes
That exists in one’s heart

That smile is a great treasure
Lost it will be a disaster
To fake it is a sin
Let it born from your happiness within

Nothing could be better
Than knowing you are happy
That smile is the indicator
For its brightness will tell me.

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It Is Written

Title was suggested by Ines.

It is written
None shall escape
Experiencing the heaven
Single moment that make you gape

Some are pessimists
“Absolute lies”, they said
“Nothing such as this could exists”,
Careless words soon to be changed

Evicts doubts in their heart
Lies the magic they denied
Only two elements not to make them apart
Trust and love shall forever have them tied .

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