The First Date

The water is getting warm
And I’m late
Hopefully this will not cause any harm
To our first date

Those outfits are ready
The shoes are waiting for me
‘I Am King’ is the scent for today
One last spray, and I’m on my way

Knocking on her door
This is the moment I’ve been waiting for
There she is
Standing before me
With a smile that gives me bliss
And a voice which brings me ecstasy

Seeing her in that couture
No doubt, she is ready
To the restaurant she’ll be ushered
To live a night that will be heavenly

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How Long?

How long can I be pretending
Saying things that means nothing
How long will I be running
After what I believe has been missing.

How long will this smile last
For me to retain your trust
That I have bits of happiness in me
For it is mine, this misery.

How long will it be
Before I finally agree
To introduce you to my world
Where things are not so fantastical.

How long will you stay
After seeing the truth in me
Will you immediately run away?
Tell me, how long will it be?

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