Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

It seems that people around me are still having obsession about having the ideal weight. For example someone with the height of 175cm will try to achieve the weight of 73kg. This is because he will achieve a BMI of 23.8 which is consider as normal. However many are still unaware that there several factors which contributes to their body weight.

Being Heavy Does Not Mean You’re Fat

Body weights are contributed by several factors such as fats, muscles, and water in your body. Image below describes how two person who has the same body weight but different body figure.

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Myth Of Quick Weight Loss

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness trainer or a dietitian or a nutrionist. I have no background in any of those fields either. I am writing this based on my personal experience.

Recently there has been an increasing number of interest regarding fitness among my friends. Mostly are trying to lose weight while few are trying to gain weight and get muscular. Regardless of their intention I am happy for them. Unfortunately I find some of those who are trying to lose weight are concerning too much of getting the result fast. They were willing to try things such as avoiding carbohydrate, skipping dinner, and consuming way lesser than they should.

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