How I Wish

I could tell you
That I don’t care
Like you always do
Just to make things fair.

That I can walk away
Whenever you have things to say
As your words fall on deaf ears
Calming down the emotion that’s badly steered

I can say the meanest thing
Let you experience the true feeling
No more hypocrisy
Allowing you to see the true me

Stop giving you respect
As you do not deserve that
Treat you like a stranger
Only in the worse manner

If only all these could be true
If only I can do them to you.

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Will You Hate Me?

If I tell you
What’s on my mind
About what I might do
Losing something I was trying to find

When my eyes laid on you
Not the way they used to
When my voice reaches you
In a ton that hurts you

To hear it from me
That you were too blind to see
To ignorant to notice
You’re being pulled away from your bliss

When I hit you with reality
Awarding your heart with pain
Changes the way you look at me
Nothing will ever be the same.

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