A Skeptic

Running in circles
Seeking for confidant
Words of humble
Reject them, none that he can’t

Invited some of the few
Into his wicked little world
As he believed they’ve seen through
The cause of his struggle

It’s not their promises
That granted them the permission
But movements of their bodies
Judging from their actions

A skeptic, he may be
He was taught by history
Tongue to tell lies
Also can done through one’s eyes.

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Birth Of A New Star

Bitchy Angel wrote a piece based on the same theme.

Overlooked for thousand of years
Precious 13 finally claiming its spot
Heterogeneous ideas were heard
In favor by some but mostly are not
Utmost planet was once resided at this star
Chiron on 2001 was the closest to this star
“Has many enemies”, unlucky to those who are
Unintentionally bounded to this star
Serpentarius, another name of this newly born star.

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These Lines Of Rhymes

Justifying how amazing you are
Undeniably impossible to be done
Little vocabulary can’t reach that far
Insufficient to describe this special one

Engraved, is a strong personality
The kind that should lies in every lady

Weak soul, I am now
Odoriferous scent perfected your crime
Now, to you this lad has bow
Guaranteed happiness begins with these lines of rhymes.

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