I have been promising this poem to a very close friend of mine, Noraisah Mastura.

How long have I known you?
Has it been over 8 years?
So many things I’ve been through
While knowing that you’re always here.

Listening to me complaining
About every possible thing
Keeping nothing as a secret
There’s nothing you haven’t heard.

Never you breath a sigh
To disregard me
You never give it a try
At times make me feel immortality

Believing on the impossible
Have faith but not in miracles
Knowing dreams do come true
When I know there is you

Sya, you are a perfect friend
The one I’ll keep till the end
Will never want to lose you
Allowing me to return these favors back to you.

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Colorless Rainbow

Title was suggested by Iwani Khalid.

I had my faith in you
To bring something I never knew
To experience something special
To have a taste of a miracle

Hoping you are that rainbow
That could make me smile
Even I know
It won’t last for a long while

10 minutes is what I need
Long enough for you to feed
Me with joyful moments
Placing us in solitary heaven

But I never knew
I’ll be experiencing a déjà vu
Causing pain to this soul
Which was never the desired goal

Colorless rainbow, this is my final call to you
Start doing what you should do
I have sacrificed too much for you
Happiness is all I’m lusting from you.

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Those Words

For a sweet talker
He failed to speak
As he stands before her
His tongue gets weak

With his words are all ready
He can’t express them out
“She always got the best of me”
His never ending thought.

Rarely they get to meet
But when it happened
The ground will be detached from his feet
As he’s in his heavenly moment

Her smile, her laughter
How he wish he can keep them forever
Without those words reached the girl
He admit it’s impossible

Tonight there’ll be another date
He’s prepared with things to say
Hoping he’ll get the desired fate
Smooth ride all the way

As they meet vis-à-vis
He knows what he needs to do
To retrieve the eternal peace
He begins it with, “something I’ve been wanting to tell you”.

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